Your honeymoon is the time to celebrate your new life together as a married couple. It should be the vacation of a lifetime. This does not necessarily mean spending your life's earnings, but the vacation should reflect the special interests you share as a couple.

The honeymoon is traditionally the groom’s responsibility. However, the planning of your honeymoon should be a joint decision as to where to go, how long to stay, and how much money to spend.

Start planning your honeymoon months before the wedding. Many locations that are popular with honeymooners tend to book fairly quickly, so the earlier you plan your trip, the better values you'll usually find.

There are many choices to make and many plans to be made but most of them seem to fall into place once you've made the toughest decision... where to go.

Many people have a preconceived notion of where a honeymoon should take place. And indeed, these locations are, year after year, some of the places most frequently visited by newlyweds. We'll take a look at some of these "traditional" destinations as well as some that are a little "less traditional."

Think about what you and your fiancé might find appealing (and unappealing) in the following honeymoon vacations. Be careful not to assume what your new spouse may be looking for in a honeymoon. Couples are often surprised when they discover what the other partner considers a "vacation." Refer to the section entitled Choosing A Destination to determine what each other's ideal vacation includes.

Listed below are sample honeymoon plans -- both traditional and less traditional. A brief description of some of the most popular honeymoon trips (ones that have remained popular with newlyweds for generations) is provided as well.

All inclusive Honeymoon Resorts in Koh Samui

Many newlyweds, tired from the previous months of wedding planning and accompanying stress, opt for the worry-free guarantee of an all-inclusive resort. Some resorts are for the entire family, some are for couples only (not necessarily newlywed), and some are strictly for honeymooners.

Most of these resorts are nestled on a picturesque island beach catering to your relaxation needs. Most offer numerous sports, water activities, entertainment, and exceptional service and attention. Your costs will vary depending on the location you choose, and there are many, many to choose from. "All-inclusive" means everything is included in your price. You won't have to worry about meals, drinks, tour fees or even tips.

One way of considering if this is a good option for you is to list all of the activities that the vacation package offers that you are interested in. Add up the individual costs and compare. If you wouldn't be participating much in the activities, food, and drink, you may actually save money by arranging your own trip at an independent resort. Even still, many couples prefer to spend the extra money in exchange for a vacation free of planning and wearying decisions.
Maybe your idea of a perfect honeymoon is ten days of adventure and discovery; but for your fiancé, it may be ten days of resting in a beach chair and romantic strolls in the evening. The choices for honeymoon vacations are as varied as the bride and groom themselves. Deciding together on a honeymoon destination is a wonderful opportunity to discover more about each other and negotiate a vacation that will leave both of you relaxed, fulfilled, and even more in love.

First, determine the type of atmosphere and climate you prefer. Then consider the types of activities you would like to engage in.

Do you want the weather to be hot for in mind the time of year in which your wedding falls. Will you be escaping from warm or cool temperatures? swimming at the beach... or warm for long guided tours of unknown cities... for day-long hikes in the woods?

If you have a specific destination in mind, you (or your travel agent) will need to do some research to be sure the weather conditions will be suitable for your planned activities.

Special Honeymoon Packages

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