One of the real pleasures of Thailand is its delicious cuisine and Sandalwood Restaurant, under the guidance of renowned local chef, specialises in creating authentic regional dishes with a modern twist.

The menu has been designed to offer a real range of Thai flavours, from aromatic soups to the wonderfully spicy curries; each and every dish is cooked to order using the very finest fresh local ingredients.

Complimenting the exotic flavours and aromas, the restaurant is situated on a covered terrace and offers spectacular views of the Gulf of Siam and Chaweng Bay. The location is truly stunning and makes a beautiful setting for a romantic candle lit dinner.

Recommended Menu

Appetizers and Thai food at Sandalwood Restaurant Koh Samui

  1. Kanom Pang Nah Moo/Goong
    (Diced pork/shrimp on fried bread)
    Thai Food
  2. Goong Ka Beung
    (Crispy spring roll with diced shrimp)

  3. Por Pia Puk / Goong
    (Spring roll with vegetable or prawn)

  4. Por Pia Sod
    (Spring roll with vegetables)

  5. Seafood basket
    (Fried mixed seafood)

  6. Yam Ma Maong with grilled chicken or grilled prawn
    (Spicy raw mango with chicken or prawn)

  7. Yam Nua Yang
    (Spicy salad with grilled meat)

  8. No Name
    (Fried mixed vegetables with minced pork)

  9. Yam Woon Sen Pork / Seafood(Talay)
    (Spicy glassnoodle with mince pork or seafood)

  10. Moo Or Kai Ma Nao
    (Spicy salad with pork, chicken with lemon sauce)

  11. Goong Pla Pumpkin Soup
    (Spicy salad with prawn and lemongrass)

  12. Tod Mun Goong
    (Fried Thai curried shrimp cake)

  13. Gai Satay
    (Marinated chicken pieces cooked on a skewer)


  1. Mushroom soup
  2. Onion soup
  3. Corn soup
  4. Tomato soup
  5. Pumpkin soup